Urban Collective Memories |  Orients in Sound and Image


The project aims at working with each city’s collective memory in order to store, express and share them with the wider public, and in so doing everyone can thus interact with them in their own way. Cities have always been storehouses for our shared memories and act as our sources of daily inspiration and motivation.

Among a variety of different tools and approaches ranging from writing, singing, photography, drawing, or narration etc. we have chosen to work with both the sounds and images of our cities. Therefore we are asking our contributors to go to different public spaces of their choice and take us to a journey of their city through a series of recorded sounds or photos. Therefore the project will be divided into two parts, in which each participant is free to take part in one or both of the projects if so desired.


How can we share our collective memories and stories through sounds and/or Images?
Part 1. Sounds of the cities

We are asking you to record different sounds from various public spaces of your city based on your choices and which are more representative of your collective memories and order them within a final product of between 5 to 10 minutes. The quality of sounds should b at least of a digital recorder!

Here’s a Sample: Sound of Tehran, Recorded By: M. Shahrnazdar

Part 2. Images of the cities

We are asking all participants to send us a collection of 3 to 5 photos taken from different public spaces of their cities targeting the goal of this project. The photos should at least be of 300dpi in resolution!

Here’s a Sample: Marrakech Market Medina at Night, By: Gabor Bakos

Marrakech-Market-Medina-at-Night-001 (1)

What are the initial target cities?

Beirut, Cairo, Istanbul, New Delhi, Tehran

Promotion of the work:

The initial collections will be exhibited at the ‘Innovate Heritage’ International Conference in Berlin between 6-8 June 2014.


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