Culture is a living material, and thus protecting and promoting the arts and cultures is about living and sharing the diversity of our cultural expressions.

We as members of the Association are (advocates) for social equality and justice. We are against any form of violence and discrimination such as racism, sexism, “Age-ism”, homophobia, and militarism. Thus, OHWB as a community goes beyond cultural and geographical borders, and succeeds on its committed and active members who work closely together in:

I. Finding cultural similarities rather than political differences as well as;

II. Thrive through the diversity in our commonality.

Thus where differences, or diversity in that matter, is respected and understood without coercion. It’s that attitude which we seek and has been the founding building blocks of Oriental Heritage Without Borders. In doing so, we seek:

1. to promote, advance, and disseminate knowledge of our common oriental heritage;

2. to encourage the protection, conservation and preservation, and sustainable management of both tangible and intangible cultural heritage as well as the natural heritage of the oriental region, especially the heritage in danger;

3. to promote inter-regional dialogue as well as foster inter-cultural exchange and understanding.