Think & Talk | Heritage Seminar Series


“Think & Talk” Heritage Seminar Series | Orient in context, is a series of monthly seminars -in form of short scientific lectures/interactive discussion groups- offered to present different facets of the oriental heritage as well as to create an alternative environment for developing interesting and exciting discussions in all aspects of the greater field of heritage studies.

The lectures/seminars are not intended as solely academic surveys in the narrow sense, but rather as literary, personal and indeed even selective impressions by professionals concerned with issues of the Orient. These sessions try to re-chart some of the territory lost in hyper-specialised research on (ancient/recent) oriental history and culture and build bridges between history, architecture and archaeology on the one side, and literature, music and the visual arts on the other. In doing so, Oriental Heritage will be contextualised on the mental map in an attempt to show that the issues raised are, in the most literal sense, of fundamental importance for the world we live in.

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