Innovate Heritage: Conversations between Arts & Heritage


Oriental Heritage Without Borders e.V. in collaboration with the Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg, is organizing an international and interdisciplinary conference entitled Innovate Heritage: Conversations between Arts & Heritage, to be held in Berlin, 6-8 June 2014.

The event consists of lectures, panel discussions, workshops, an exhibition, two performance evenings, and film screenings. ‘Innovate Heritage’ is a platform that unites artists, scholars, and heritage and arts professionals in exploring relationships, promoting creative approaches to theoretical and practical issues, and enhancing collaboration between the arts and heritage. While the arts and heritage are both connected within the cultural sector, a strong trans-disciplinary approach is needed in order to further examine the shared values and elements of each in imagination, innovation, and processes of constructing cultural identity as well as values and meaning in our lived environments.

The goal of this conference is to:

  • Investigate the relationship between the arts and heritage via an international trans-disciplinary conference between heritage professionals, heritage practitioners, heritage scholars, creative industry academics, art scholars and artists;
  • Explore the limitations and current challenges within heritage via encounters between artists and heritage scholars;
  • Reflect on our understanding of artistic practices as investigating the connection between aesthetics, materiality, and heritage;
  • Expand and shift the focus of academic work by way of the understandings and definitions of heritage.

The thematic topics of the conference will include:

  • Connections between Arts and Heritage in Constructing Cultural Identity
  • Folk Arts as Cultural Heritage in relation to Contemporary Arts/Design (living intangible heritage and community intellectual property rights)
  • Topographies of Heritage (literature, poetry, music and other creative interpretive landscapes)
  • New Technology and Art as Tools for Heritage Audience Development/Accessibility
  • Contemporary Reinterpretations of Cultural and Natural Heritage in Arts
  • The Power of Performance and Arts in Addressing and Healing Uncomfortable/Colonial Heritage
  • Contemporary Intangible Heritage and Archiving (constructing cultural memory)
  • Power, Aesthetic and Interpretation (what art or heritage is considered valuable, and by whom?)

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