Soraya Adambakan-01Soraya Adambakan

Studied English Literature at Alameh Tabatabai University and received her M.A. in Teaching Methodology from Azad University in Tehran. She finished her PhD in Islamic Studies at the University of Cologne. She has taught for several years in both Azad University in Iran and the University of Humboldt in Germany and has worked and cooperated as a freelance researcher with Deutche Welle. Her research interests include political Islam, Enlightening Theology, Islam and Women, Islamic Feminism and Religious Movements in Shia-based countries.

Ehsan Afshar-02Ehsan Afshar

Studied Social Communication Studies, in particular Journalism at Alame Tabatabai University (B.A) and Communication in Social & Economic Contexts at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). He is now a PhD Candidate at the Institute of Communication Studies at the UdK Berin. As a Podcaster and Voice Actor he is following his Research in the field of Sound Studies, specifically Acoustic Brand Communication, and is a member of  European Association of Sound Studies (ESSA) and also the International Community of Audio Branding (ICAB). Moreover, he is a Media Columnist for a few persian newspapers and educational Communication & Advertising websites and is also a member of Iranian Association for Studies on Information Society (IRASIS).

Sepehr Bruederlin-03Sepehr Brüderlin

Studied English Translation (B.A.) and German Didactic (M.A.), and is currently a Masters student in World Heritage Studies at TU Cottbus. He has worked as English and German teacher as well as freelance translator and has experiences in tourism management. He has been an active member and an alumnus of an International student-run organisation, AIESEC. He has been cooperating as volunteer with Iranian/Afghani refugee association and Amnesty International, both based in Berlin, since 2011.

Sepideh khaksar-04Sepideh Khaksar

Studied musicology during her undergraduate studies at the University of Tehran. She continued her studies on Archaeology at the same university and received her Master’s degree in 2008 on Iranian Historical Archaeology. In 2009 she started her PhD at Freie Universität in Berlin, working on her dissertation about Archaeology of Music in the middle Elamite era. She has conducted several archaeological or ethno-musicological field researches in Iran, south India, Turkey and Syria. Recently she became involved with modern heritage studies and archaeology of the recent past through excavation projects on labour camps in Germany. On the one hand the Oral heritage, such as music archaeology, ethnomusicology and acoustics’ history and on the other hand dark heritage studies, excavations on modern sites particularly those within wars and conflicts constitute the core of her research interests.

Damon Vahabi Moghadam-05Damoun Vahabi Moghaddam

Is a trained architect who taught and practiced in his home country for few years. He joined UNESCO in Tehran between 2004-2007, as Programme Consultant for Culture, and worked on the organization and implementation of UNESCO’s cultural activities in the four countries of Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and Turkmenistan which this Cluster Office services. Amid over eight years of experience as a heritage consultant, and a former UNESCO–Vocation Patrimoine Fellow, he obtained a Masters degree in World Heritage Studies, specifically heritage conservation and management, from Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany, in 2008. Since 2010, Mr Moghaddam has been working as a Doctoral Researcher in the field of Sustainable Urban Design and Planning for the ‘Young-Cities’ Project at Berlin University of Technology, under the support of the Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Sepideh Zarrin Ghalam-06Sepideh Zarrin Ghalam

is a trained architect with over 5 years of practice experience in the field. She received her Master’s in 2007 from Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran with the focus on practicing sustainable designs in the vicinity of World Heritage Sites. Currently she is working as a doctorate researcher regarding contemporary architectural designs within historic cities at BTU Cottbus, Germany. Her fields of interests are architectural and urban heritage conservation and management as well as architectural and urban inclusions within historic urban landscapes particularly in the context of Middle Eastern cities.