Our Members:

We are an independent group. Our members are mainly students and scholars from various disciplines and backgrounds. Yet our group is open to all, but in principle, not just professionals! What unites us is the mutual interest in the heritage of the Orient.


How can you participate?

Applications are open to all who are interested in participating within our group and its activities. You could just attend one of our next meetings (i.e. events to be seen on our homepage, or on social platforms like facebook and twitter, or via distributed flyers at our general and organizational meetings), and then you would have a more accurate view of us and our projects. If you are interested to be affiliated in one or more of our projects, just send us an email or inform one of the coordinators of your favored project.

Should you not have yet decided to participate in the OHWB group, we could include you in our internal mailing list/distributer, through which you can get the latest information about the association’s activities and events. The interworking/teamwork should be enjoyable, that is why we expect a certain level of commitment from every member. So it is essential that: Everyone does what he/she is interested in.

You can Download the Membership Form Here!
Please fill it, and send it back to us!

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