The Association is founded on:

  • A flat structure; with
  • No political or financial dependency;
  • No geographical or political priorities within the region; and mainly
  • Task group based; which uses;
  • Networking as an important facilitating tool.

How do we function?

OHWB is project-based and results-oriented. The projects are developed through a task-group structure whereby each task group and its members work largely independently on their chosen project and meet with each other regularly within their own task groups. A coordinator, who is elected by the group, manages the progress of the project through inviting the group to hold regular meetings and structuring the group’s work.

Then, we meet once a month with all members/representative’s of each task group to go over the progress achieved and discuss any additional requirements or assistance from the board of Directors. At these meetings, the single representative of each Project group reports on their work, the new projects will be discussed and the organizational matters which concern the OHWB as a whole will be clarified. All decisions are then made democratically by the whole group.


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