OHWB e.V. provides an institutional basis for the keen professionals and the passionate public with related expertise for promoting the protection of both tangible and intangible heritage of the oriental region, especially those which are in danger. To achieve this goal, OHWB e.V. organizes numerous events on a non-profit basis, to which your valuable donations play a very important role in supporting our ongoing activities.*


Membership Fees 2014

The membership fee for the current financial year is 30 Euros. Your membership fees will help to serve and finance the work done by OHWB e.V. on a non-profit basis for the benefit of its members, such as running the website, organizing events, developing other networking platforms, and a number of other cultural activities.


Payment Options

There are several ways to pay the OHWB e.V. membership fees: Bank Transfers within Germany, International or EU Bank Transfer. Please contact us to get detailed information.

*Please note that is your own responsibility to ensure that the full fees (30 Euros) is transferred to the association’s bank account latest within 7 days of submission of the Membership Application. Final confirmation of your membership is subject to timely receipt of the full fees.

Once your membership fee has been received and your application processed, you will receive an official membership confirmation from OHWB e.V.


Bank Transfers within Germany

Begünstigter (Name oder Firma): Oriental Heritage Without Borders e.V. or OHWB e.V.

Konto: 0190148004

BLZ: 100 500 00

Bank: Berliner Sparkasse

Verwendungszweck: Membership Fee 2014, Nachname, Vorname


International or EU Bank Transfer

Name or Firma: Oriental Heritage Without Borders e.V. or OHWB e.V.

Bank: Berliner Sparkasse

Account: 0190148004

IBAN: DE10 1005 0000 0190 1480 04


Transfer reason: Membership Fee 2014, Last name, First Name


If you are transferring the fees from a country outside European Union and/or where any other currency apart from Euro is used, please keep in mind all charges that your bank may apply in order to process the transfer and the fluctuation in exchange rate between different currencies.

* OHWB e.V. is officially registered as a non-profit organisation in accordance with German Law with its headquarters in Berlin, Germany (Registration Number: VR 31712 B)

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